A Ford F-150 is a compact? In what universe?

I have a little car.  I like my little car.  Not only is it one that uses less gas than a lot, it fits neatly into almost every parking space available.  I don’t feel sorry for people who drive large cars and have to park in the nether reaches of the parking lot with their gigantic, space-hog, gas guzzling “cars.”  I seriously don’t get the adolescent testosterone laced fantasies of those driving Hummers.  Very few people really need a utility vehicle let alone a semi-militaristic looking idiotic piece of crap.  Just as few  people really need a truck.

Yeah, I know this truck is not an F-150. But, I forgot to take a picture of the actual truck. This is what I could find quickly on a web search.

What I find annoying is when someone parks across two spots that would other wise fit two compact cars.  It’s compounded when I look across the way and see three open spaces.  All are designed to fit larger cars.  So, not only did this lazy ass park into two compact spots, he took them when the larger spaces were available.  WTF?

Since there were plenty of spaces, you are probably wondering why I just didn’t take a large space.  That’s not the point.  The point is that I use a compact space for a small car because there are way more of them than the larger spots.  The larger spots are meant for the big cars.  There are fewer of them, and I figured it’s better to leave them so that people don’t try to force their huge vehicles into the little compact spaces.

If you have a big car, park it in a big spot.  Don’t try to make one.  I want to make up a little card to leave on windshields.  I’m not quite sure what it should say.  How snarky can you get when leaving anonymous notes on people’s cars?  And, what do you do if they see you?


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One response to “A Ford F-150 is a compact? In what universe?

  1. Joe P

    I remember a time when a father of mine (who shall not be named here to protect his anonymity) routinely parked his new car across several spaces, to avoid door dings. That’s when I realized he was either insane or incredibly inventive.

    As for the note, I’ve been wondering what the market might be for bumper stickers which read “Failed in Parking School”. I don’t imagine anyone would buy one for themselves, but the “gift market” could be tremendous.

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