Lipstick at the Gym? Seriously?

Sorry if you’re reading this because you thought you were going to get tips about wearing lipstick or if you’re offended because I’m calling you out for wearing lipstick at the gym. Because that’s what I’m doing. Take note this is coming from someone who rarely wears lipstick anyway. Let’s say…maybe once a year. I might put on lip balm or chap stick if I’m feeling like my lips are dry from the weather, but to adorn my lips with sticky paint? Certainly not before working out.

The gym is a place that I consider uber-casual. I get up. I toss some workout clothing on. Sometimes I sniff it to make sure it’s not too rancid from a previous sweat-filled session. I brush my hair up into a ponytail and hope it’s not going to fall out all around me while I work out, ’cause I hate it when the hair sticks to my face.

When I’m at the gym, I am there to work. I literally don’t care what I look like because I’m not there to impress anyone. Sure, I try to make sure my top sort of goes with my bottom. It’s a haphazard fashion statement I make, but frankly, since I’m at the gym, it doesn’t matter.

And when I see women in full makeup at the gym, I shake my head in wonderment. They go to all that effort only to sweat their asses off? This is followed by a change and shower and reapplication process. I seriously don’t get it.

Not only do I go to the gym for cardio, I pump iron. The weight room is pretty much a male domain, but there are a few of us regular women who seem to have no problem invading the space. I am pretty sure most of us are without adornment. I’ve never seen the guys at the gym wear lipstick, either. At least not while they are working out.



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5 responses to “Lipstick at the Gym? Seriously?

  1. Joe P

    Dang, that’s what I forgot today! Note to self: buy more lipstick for next gym session.

  2. femmemuscle

    so.. why judgemental? whenever another female does something for herself – then it’s not about you.. it’s what makes THEM feel good..

    just for that? i’m wearing the red in the morning.. if you go to the same place i do? i hope that totally riles you up..

    lord, you must be in Idaho, or some gawd forsaken ass end of the universe. either that? or one of those women walking around worrying about what others are doing to the point where you have to post it on the internet..

    wide ass – narrow mind..

  3. Dear Femmemuscle,
    Oh, you seem so angry! What’s that about? I read this post as a comment about the world, not so much a judgment towards the particular women. There’s a lot of cultural pressure on women to look good, even when there’s a ton of work, cost, discomfort, inefficiency, and in some cases, health risks (boob jobs, liposuction, etc.) involved. I personally think that’s sad, and wish we women would push back on the cultural norms, and celebrate the abundant natural beauty out there. The post, to me, was just the blogger wondering: “huh? Women go to he effort of applying makeup before a workout for what, exactly?” I happen to think women working out tend to look beautiful no matter what. Except for the grunting. I’m not for that. ☺ Calm youself, femmemuscle, and be a little more generous to the humans.

    • femmemuscle

      i’m not angry yet. .why so sensitive? jeez louiis….now calm yourself.. this has nothing to do with you anyway.. you dumbbell..

  4. femmemuscle

    red lipstick for the world!!!

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