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One of the fun things about blogging on WordPress is the “site stats” page. I look at it to see how many people read my blog and to see “who” might be reading my blog. It shows me how many people who have read, or at least clicked on, which posts. I have no way of knowing exactly who, but this photo snapped from the iPhone wordpress app shows that 26 people from Facebook checked it out yesterday, four people clicked on the comments on the Publishers Weekly blog I linked to and so on.


The stats below show what searches people have performed via search engines like Google that bring up my blog. For the last few months, one of the top referral links has been “Skilcraft Pens.” That alone has me thinking about doing more research into the pen company or maybe creating a short story anthology about the pens. This week is the first time that it didn’t even make the top ten list. Check out today’s referral hits below. The first one made me laugh because I simply can’t imagine why “hot chicks in Carson City” would bring up my blog.


Blogging has become sort of a public journaling exercise for me, and I’ve come to the point where I just blog about whatever random thing is on my mind at the time, things I don’t want to forget, or things I want to share.

I am finding what people are looking for equally interesting. Whether they are searching for hot chicks, pens or unhealthy Irish breakfasts, I can’t help but see a glimpse into a story idea. It’s great fodder for a writer.



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2 responses to “WordPress Site Stats

  1. Lol, now Googling “hot chicks in Carson City” links to this page of your blog!

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