About Laurie Rockenbeck

Laurie Rockenbeck has a degree in journalism that keeps nagging at her to check the facts and do research. This blog is her creative non-fiction outlet where she explores food, life and family.

She is writing a mystery novel called “Bound to Die” and beating that urge for reality into submission with long and fun passages of wholly made up narrative. She’s also got three other novels on the back-burner, simmering until it’s time to write them. Add in some short stories–both literary and erotic–and that’s pretty much the play list.

She has eight published short stories in various erotic anthologies under a pen name. She only shares the smut with close friends and family who can handle the content of her work without freaking out and shunning her in real life.


3 responses to “About Laurie Rockenbeck

  1. Cheryl Doering

    I was sorry to hear about Larry. The last time I saw him
    was when our family visited their family in Missoula when we were
    young kids. I know that he had a troubled life. You and I share a
    great-grandfather, Claas Mammen. I’m not sure if you received the
    picture I recently sent you of Claas and his second wife, Johanna
    Rolapp, your great-grandmother (his first wife was my
    great-grandmother). Your address may have changed since I got it
    from Margaret S. I have been enjoying reading your blog lately, and
    when I read about Larry, I decided to contact you this way. I was
    also interested in reading about your father and his
    accomplishments. I believe you are probably right, that his work
    with nerve agents caused his ALS. Cheryl D.

    • Denise (Mammen) Montgomery

      For Cherly Doering,

      I came across your response to Laurie Rockenbeck’s blog regarding Larry M.
      I, too, am a decendent of Johanna Rolapp. She is my great-great grandmother. (Laurie R.) is my Dad’s cousin.

      So, you must be decended of Claas Mammen and Johanna Landheer.
      I would like to exchange information with you. I saw your mention of a photgraph of Johanna Rolapp. Though I have a very nice image of Claas, and his children with Johanna L and Johanna Rolapp, I have not ever seen an image of Johanna Rolapp. Nor do I know much about her.

      Would very much like to correspond with you if you are willing. My email:nisemont@hotmail.com

  2. Denise (Mammen) Montgomery


    Happened upon this when I was doing a search for Johanna Rolapp.
    Somehow, we got busy with our lives (and our grief) and stopped writing. Did you know I lost my brother in 2007 and my Mom in 2010?
    I wrote to you when your mom passed away…don’t know if it reached you.

    Somehow I did not know about Larry’s passing. Or did I?

    Would like to hear from you.

    Your cousin,


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