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All Clean and Ready to Sew

The Eastern mess before....

My last post was all about getting rid of stash. I mentioned that every surface was covered and the picture to the left shows you the before picture of one side of the room. It had clearly ended up being the default place to toss anything with no clearly defined place of its own.

It was hard to even walk through the room, and that was about all I was using it for–walking through to get to the elliptical machine. You can see that in the second picture. The room is long and narrow, and these to pictures pretty much show the whole space. The mess behind where I stand is just…too much even to show anyone. Let’s just say it was really, really bad.

I had spent way longer than I care to admit just thinking about cleaning it and doing nothing about it. There’s something about the inertia when taking on a huge project. In order to clean up the room, I would have to go through my stash. In order to do that, I would actually have to make decisions. I’d have to get rid of some things. Rather, lots of things. And, in order to deal with this room, I would also need to clean out and organize my storage closet which is in the main hallway of the house. The domino of thoughts would invariably lead to me picking up a project and getting onto the treadmill without actually doing any cleaning whatsoever.

Having a ‘need’ to get something done finally pushed me over the edge and launched me into action last week. There is still the small closet that needs work–but the photo project taking up some space is way more involved than I can even begin to deal with at the moment. I just blogged about some of my particular knitting related cleaning. And now, I’ve got a room that is picked up, organized and even cleaned. There hasn’t been a vacuum in there for…well…a very long time. Now, I get to take the reward of all that time spent organizing and cleaning. Yup. Time to cut into some fabric and get sewing!

Oh…and the results of all that effort:

Makes note to self. “Get rid of the dead plant hanging in the corner.” So, maybe I’m not 100% there, but I’m close.



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I’m on my home elliptical with my iPhone writing this post. It’s as much an exercise in trying to get as much done in one day as possible as it is cardio. I think the screen is small, the typos are annoying, but the possibility of being able to write while exercising is promising.

My other blog, weightlossforknitters, is all about knitting and moving at the same time. I’m realizing that the problem I have with writing while on this machine is I am slowly but most definitely getting nauseous. I get motion sickness when I read or use a treadmill, but not when I knit and do the same thing. I think the difference is that when I knit, I don’t have to look down at what I’m working on so much. When I’m reading or typing as I am now, my eyes are focused on the page.

The other thing I’m not sure I like about the Iphone version if wordpress is that it looks like I can’t tell it where to place individual photos in the post itself. That’s annoying. Also, editing a long post here is going to be tricky.

The photos that follow are the greens from the garden as they are sautéed in a sinful amount of butter before being mixed with egg and chiles to make a potluck casserole we attended last Saturday. We went to Fremont for the solstice parade that was preceded by brunch at our friend’s home near the parade route.

The second photo is of some dinosaurs we saw on the way back to our car that was parked near the zoo. There’s really no reason for having this photo except I’m trying out the features on this application.

Thanks for reading.

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It’s not just my mind that gets cluttered.

A while ago, I was fiddling around with my wallet trying to find enough cash to hand to my daughter to buy some dinner.  We were at one of our traditional Friday night dinners at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue and there was a crowd of fellow Three Cedars Waldorf School families milling about and organizing tables.  My friend Jackie saw me and grabbed my wallet.  Holding the tangle of bills, assorted receipts, credit cards and membership cards up before my eyes, she said, “This…this is your life!”

I didn’t particularly like the analogy as it was much too apt as Jackie’s observations tend to be.    Organizing has been a battle for me ever since I can remember.  My mom was uber-tidy and so she never let stuff sit around for long.  If my room got to the point where she couldn’t walk into it, she’d step in and organize everything for me.  Not that it’s my mom’s fault for my being disinclined to cleanliness, but the simple matter is I’m still learning how to pick up and stay picked up.  My brother Ken, for some reason, has always been a neat freak.  His bedrooms were always tidy in between bouts of play and he keeps his current house picked up all the time.

After the wallet in the face incident, I decided to solve my problem by purchasing a new wallet.  Tossing money at a solution is maybe not the most efficient or cost effective way of dealing with something, but, in my case, it sometimes works.  I found a wallet that would let me put my bills inside it flat rather than having to fold them in half.  After all, the reason my other wallet didn’t work wasn’t that I stuck too much into it as much as it didn’t hold things neatly.

So, I switched to the new wallet.  A few months go along and I’m looking for some receipts for something, and I realize I’m holding a completely new mess not any better than the one I had with the other wallet.  I sigh and sit down with the pile and organize it.  It’s been a week, and things are looking pretty good by comparison.

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The other day we were in the car and my friend, who is about to have surgery, brought up the concept of “check-lists” and how impressed he was the surgeon uses them during surgery.   My nephew is an airline pilot who has mentioned how important “check-lists” are in that industry.   I don’t deal much with life and death on a daily basis.  But, I am a big fan of lists.  I wouldn’t get much done without them.  My mind became a sieve when I was pregnant with my first and the holes have only gotten bigger over the years.

Those little scrap of papers I make tend to keep me focused, and when I don’t have a list I tend to aimlessly do things without staying on task.  If I didn’t actually make a note to try to blog, I would completely forget that I should do it more often.  I notice my last post was ten days ago, but I have a very good excuse for not blogging.

On Saturday, I hosted a chamber music event at my house as a fundraiser for my son’s school, Three Cedars Waldorf School.  We are blessed with an amazing amount of talent there–parents, faculty and friends–who combine their efforts to bring a high-quality performance every time.  My lists last week were epic, and I even used word to type them up and then printed them.  They included the food prep, the party prep (chair-rental, moving furniture, cleaning lists) and miscellaneous life stuff that had to happen even though I was having a party.  Blogging was not on my list.  Notice lack of blog posts last week–though I did get something up for my knitting blog.

Not everything I do gets put on my list every day, but there have been days when I start my list with “Wake Up”  and “Get out of Bed” which are followed by “Get Dressed” and every other daily minutiae just to get myself through the day.

Today’s list is rather short by comparison.

  • Work out
  • Catch up on Email
  • Write a blog post
  • Figure out next month’s book to read for book group
  • Get to the Lighting store (in Wallingford) and pick up repaired lights (tried to do this last week, but it was left undone)
  • Take Emma’s shoe back to Fluevog  (Third trip? yeah, you’d expect better from a Fluevog!)
  • Pick up an after school snack for Emma
  • Pick up Emma and drive her to violin
  • Move furniture back into place

What’s sort of funny is that I started this blog with three things on my mental list.  As I wrote it down, I added everything else as I remembered various things I ought to get done.  Oh, well.  It’s still short in comparison to some days.

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